News 4 San Antonio helps family get service restored after weeks without heat

SAN ANTONIO – The drop in temperature has been especially uncomfortable for one West Side family.

They say they’ve had no working heat the past two weeks.

The management team at Bexar Creek Apartments says they were aware of the problem, and plans were in the works to get the heat back on.

The tenants tell a very different story.

"Your tenants should be your priority, we have no heat, no a/c no nothing here," said Amber Chairez.

This west side family has had enough.

They say they pay their rent on time, yet for the past two weeks they’ve dealt with a faulty heating and a/c unit.

"For an apartment complex it should be running properly because as of right now it’s a health and safety issue not just for me but for my kids, my family," Chairez said.

Amber Chairez is managing a high risk pregnancy.

She and her husband Hugo Harleyz also have two young children, one of whom they say has a medical condition, that worsens in extreme temperatures.

"You know it’s 60 degrees in here right now and he has a bad immune system so when it gets too cold he starts getting raspy and I gotta give him breathing treatments," Chairez said.

The couple showed paperwork documenting numerous requests to have maintenance workers make repairs listed as ‘low priority.’

"The more you complain they more they retaliate," Harleyz said.

The couple has filed a complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office.

Conditions have been so unbearable, they’ve come out of pocket to rent a hotel room.

"Something needs to be done I need to be accommodated," Chairez said. "I need heat when it’s cold I need a/c when it’s hot outside. Something gotta to be done and I’m going to go as far as I have to go to get it heard to get something done."

This afternoon, they reached out to News 4 San Antonio. We called City Code Enforcement.

The management team at Bexar Creek Apartments were notified.

That’s when we’re told contractors were hired to fix the problem.

Within roughly 20-minutes, the heat was back on.

Code enforcement says when they spoke to the management team, they were told they the problem had not been brought to their attention, until today.

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