Three Mueseums That Should Not Be Missed In Tallahassee

How often do you find yourself bored to death on a warm summer day? Even though you are in Florida, you may feel as though there is absolutely nothing to do. We decided to take the time and scour the state for some of the best things to do. We ended up stopping in Tallahassee and found three of the best mueseums to cure your boredom today!

One of the more unique meuseums in Tallahassee will be a delight to lovers of cars and antiques alike. It is the Tallahassee Antique Car Mueseum and it is deffintiley worth the trip! The name of this mueseum is somewhat decieving as it does offer much more than cars inisde. However, you will find a premium selction of older muscle cars, toy cars, even horse drawn carriages! As you make your way around the mueseum you will soon find incredible collections of dolls, fishing lures, even Abraham Lincoln’s hearse. It is the perfect location to spend a few hours or even the day.

Located about 12 miles away from the Tallahassee Antique Car Mueseum is the Tallahassee Mueseum. This is agreat place fro kids and adults to spend an afternoon. Consider this destiantion to be a hybrid of a theme park, zoo, and mueseum rolled into one. Here you can walk nature trails and discover a host of wild animals. Or perhaps you wil gain the courage and try out a zip lne and soar through the warm Florida air.Of course, you can keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and admire the dinosars that have been constructed out of old automobile parts. Don’t sigh yet, it is actually a really unique attraction that deserves your attention.

Finally, you will want to be sure you take the time to visit the Museum of Florida History. In here you are going to learn about Florida’s native population as well as early colonization. The mueseum does not get any further than World War II in terms of history, yet it is more than enough to spend an entire day here. Between the interactive displays and scavenger hunts, it is quite easy to spend the full day right here!

If you are a mueseum fan, Tallahassee has you covered. In addition to these three, there are many others in the area all devoted to making your day more educational and enjoyable.